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Poignant Romantic Comedy


Kevin's mundane life is flipped upside down when he meets Pam. She's different to any other woman he's ever met, passionate, creative, artistic, spontaneous and embracing of her invisible disability.


'The Theory of Everything' meets 'Man Up'

Written By:

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Core Characters:

Kevin Patton
Late 30’s. A career focused bachelor who's led a fairly straight forward life. Divorced with a daughter approaching her teens, both he and his ex wife still have an amicable, yet stale, relationship. He leads a typically 'vanilla' life. On the surface he's happy enough, but on the inside he yearns to be challenged. Life has become a routine.
Pam Tracini
Late 30’s. Pam is clinically disabled, however you wouldn't immediately identify this. Her invisible disability comes after a freak accident in her 20's which resulted in going into a three month coma. She is fiery, forthright and frank. She's lost the ability to filter her responses. She's incredibly quick witted, creative, passionate and artistic. Due to her disability, she is prone to becoming easily fatigued, mood swings and at times finds it hard to focus. She sees beauty in things that others don't.
Debbie Ratchet (Patton)
Mid-Late 30’s. Kevin's ex-wife. She's career focused, well organised to the point of OCD and somewhat insensitive. She's not cold-hearted, however on the surface you could be forgiven for thinking that of her. She still cares for Kevin, but not romantically. 

Jazz Patton
16 years old, daughter of Kevin and Debbie. She's bright, inquisitive and accepting of her dysfunctional family. She sees the sadness behind her Dad's eyes and welcomes the change that Pam brings into his life.

Plot Overview:

Meet Kevin, he lives in a small bungalow in the backyard of his family's house.
Divorced from his wife Debbie, a member of local council, for over 5 years now their failed marriage became a platonic friendship. They've turned a dysfunctional scenario, such as divorce, into a functional cohesion where the family unit still operates and barring the lack of any romantic intentions, for daughter Jazz both her mother and father are still very much involved in her life.

Each member of this family is stuck in a rut, they just don't acknowledge it. Every day is scheduled, every task is listed and checked off upon completion. Sleep, eat, work, family, eat, sleep. 

That is until Kevin, an advertising executive at the local paper, is introduced to a dating app by his co-worker friends. The thought of a relationship hasn't factored into Kevin's head for years, but even those around him can see it might be good for him. And that's where he meets Pam.

A string of messages fly between the pair like neuronal firing; banter, wit, flirting, but something that bubbles underneath all of the interest which has been severely missing from Kevin's life for years is, challenge. A smile suddenly becomes a regular occurrence across his face. For the first time in a long time he is being positively challenged by someone both mentally and emotionally

His family unit notice that there's a change in him, but he's not forthcoming in his latest romantic endeavours. However after a family dinner on a walk with Jazz she guesses what's going on and calls her Dad out. He's in luuurrrvvveee. He confides in her and brings her up to speed. Pam is a profile currently, a series of messages, very pretty in photos but that's the low down currently. Jazz urges her Dad to call her. Ask her out. Kevin caves in and after an awkward attempt, in front of an over excited teenage daughter, Kevin is successful in procuring a date with the mysterious Pam.

The first date arrives, the pair hit it off. Sparks fly. They revel in each other's company. Pam is everything that goes against the grain of what Kevin's life has become.
Pam is a photographer and explains her talent in finding the beauty into dilapidated architecture, buildings/places/areas that people overlook. She's currently campaigning for a run down footbridge walkway to be transformed to a community allotment. She's artistic, creative, passionate, spontaneous. To Kevin, she seems perfect. However he's taken aback when she reveals that she's disabled. A freak accident in her twenties left her in a coma for 3 months which resulted in loss of function in her brain. After a year of rehab she had to learn to do everything again from scratch, walking, talking, everything others take for granted. She has an invisible disability that has it's downsides; mental fatigue, dramatic mood swings, but also it's upsides. She doubts she'd be so spontaneously creative if not for it.

The date ends and whilst it was clear the pair got along swimmingly, doubt hangs in the air. 

Kevin tries to talk through what he's feeling with his daughter Jazz. Not only is he new to the predicament of becoming romantically involved with someone, but he's unsure of the implications. The resulting wisdom from Jazz is the question of her Dad's worry about accepting Pam's 'shortcomings' when in fact, what makes it a certainty that she will accept his. 

He decides to give it a go. What follows is a crazy, spontaneous and passionate affair filled with laughs and crazy antics. Kevin is almost reborn as the relationship with Pam flourishes. Whilst still in relative early stages he has kept it a secret from his ex-wife. Not for fear of jealously, but it's just been a whirlwind. Perhaps part of him is still unsure of announcing he's dating a person with a disability.
Pam begins to notice this, whilst their dates have been amazing there hasn't been any introductions to Kevin's friends or family. Kevin tries to reinforce his commitment to the new relationship by agreeing to help Pam with her campaign for the communal space. Helping her with her proposal and presentation the pair become a closer unit, although still somewhat under a banner of secrecy.

That is of course until the day of the presentation. As Kevin and Pam enter, what they aren't prepared for is Debbie. She's on the board of decision makers and what plays out is an awkward first encounter where Debbie is introduced to Pam. Her application is rejected and not only is she dejected by that, but also the fact that Kevin's ex-wife had no prior knowledge of her.

Can Kevin mend the fragmented relationship?
Can he reach a point where he's comfortable with falling in love again? 
Is there a way to win Pam back by helping her obtain the necessary permissions to fulfil her communal & artistic goals?


David Muscat

Writer / Actor



Available for development

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