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Over the past few months we've been busy developing a series of film and television treatments with the goal of housing them all on one central platform.

The idea is simple, we'd love to have a catalogue of concepts so that, as we approach decision makers, investors, producers, what we have to offer are viable options to suit whatever their needs may be. 

Currently we have over 20 concepts in treatment form, ranging from development stage to 'proof-of-concept' available to pitch and covering multiple genres. There has been interest expressed in a few of the concepts already and we've now been asked to deliver first drafts.

The is the reason for the call out, we are simply two actor/writers trying to balance creativity aspirations with life's necessities. However, being driven and hungry to reach a stage where creativity becomes life, we thought we'd attempt to setup a network of writers with a variety of strengths to collaborate with us on these concepts. Strength in numbers.

How would it work? 
Say your passion is sci-fi film or television, we have a few concepts in development that need scripting. If you liked the concept brief you'd help assist the scripting of that concept and ipso facto, you would be credited and listed as a writer for that project. We'd collaborate and jointly draft the first script and when happy, we'd add it to the catalogue to present to commissioners, producers and so on. 

What about my own scripts?
We are happy to work with you and include them in the catalogue of concepts to help get them in front of decision makers. Your scripts & concepts remain yours, we're just happy to help if you want it.

To get involved, get in touch below.


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Ryan Coonan

Writer / Director


Aaron Wiser

Writer / Novelist


Lisa Hartle

Writer / Journalist


David Muscat

Writer / Actor


George Morris De'Ath

Writer / Novelist


Roxane Cabassut

Writer / Actress

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