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Delivering Extra Initiative
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Over the past year Emerge Production House as worked with over 500 emerging artists across the theatre, film and music industry.
Coupled with working with established creatives and organisations such as Bush Theatre, Graded Films, Turbine Theatre, LAWSON, A1 and more.
This has lead to an impressive accumulation of artistic network.
We continue to look for projects to provide a platform for emerging artists and we believe the Delivering Extra Initiative is a huge opportunity.
The initiative concept

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A common marketing strategy for restaurants is a 'Dinner and a Show' deal.
Delivering Extra is simply an online version made available via an online ordering platform.
How it looks behind-the-scenes
We develop digital content.
Web series, concerts, short films, cabarets, and more all celebrating emerging British artists.
The online ordering platform houses the content and makes it available for their users.
How it looks for Users
Customer places an order.
At check-out the customer is presented with an option to add-on entertainment for 99p.
Customer enjoys 'dinner and a show' from the comfort of their own home.
The thinking
We want to help artists. We need a 'stage'.
In normal times, we'd look for a physical stage, but these aren't normal times.
According to the results of a leading UK online ordering platform in 2018, over 221 Million take-out orders were processed via their app. That's roughly 18 million take-out orders per month.
If 2% of 18 million acted on the incentive
That's over 360,000 people enjoying 
emerging British artist's work each month.
We currently have a few titles that could be used to test the theory.
Long term, if successful, it's an opportunity to create an internal 'iTunes' where users become accustom to not only ordering their evening meal, but acquiring some new content that matches their interests.
We'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback and discuss what you felt you would need in order to make this initiative happen.
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