It all started with a couple of aspiring playwrights wanting to create
a safe hub for emerging artists, with the aim of
collaborating and inspiring each other.

Since our inception, we have provided a platform to over
300 emerging directors, actors, writers,
spoken word artists, exhibitors,
musicians, graffiti artists
and bloggers.

Roxane Cabassut

Roxane has worked as an actor since she was fourteen, performing in various theatrical productions in France and the United Kingdom. 

She is one of the founding members of Emerge Production House.

An acclaimed Writer and Producer, Roxane is driven by discovering ways to champion emerging artists across multiple forms.

At the Playground Theatre, she showcased an extract from her play “Hayfever” and is currently adapting "Romeo & Juliet" for development in 2021. 

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David Muscat

David has worked as an actor in Film & Theatre over the last 20 years, working on a number

of productions worldwide.

He has worked with some amazing Creative personnel and fellow actors across productions such as Billy Elliot the Musical (West End & Australia), Jersey Boys (World Tour), The Last Ship (USA Tour), Flashdance (Europe & Asia Tour) to name a few.


David wrote and produced 'The Fosse Forest Ballet' our first sitcom. As well as developing our Emerge Sessions initiative, he also manages our Blog section.

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