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Over the past 20 years I've been fortunate to work on major film, television and theatre productions around the world, which include the West End, USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.

I took advantage of the pandemic to move into an area that had always been in my future plans, writing.

With years of experience creating characters, performing other writer's words and developing stories from new project creations, I've had the pleasure of working directly with creatives of the likes of Stephen Daldry, Sting, Lee Hall, Hannah Chissick, Bill Russell, Joanne Clifton, Justin Martin and more. 

In mid 2020 I searched for a concept that would not only provide an example of my work but also one with a lot of potential uptake. Having worked mainly within the Musical Theatre industry I began writing a pilot episode for a mockumentary, narrative driven sitcom which would give a 'fly-on-the-wall' view of the process of putting together the latest, factious, show to go into London's West End. 

With a series sketched out, I began work on 'The Fosse Forest Ballet' pilot script. Once completed, I arranged a director, a cast, a film crew, a location, some finances and between lockdowns we filmed the concept episode.


Some extraordinary creatives and artists worked on the concept episode: Racky Plews (West End Director), Adam Langston (Composer for films: Alien-Covenant, Cats, Les Mis). Bruno Collins (Animator for Peppa Pig) and a West End cast including: Kerry Ellis, Darren Day, Louise Dearman, Oliver Savile, Zoe Birkett, Philip Joel and more.

After we finished editing the episode was housed on it's own dedicated website for the general public to enjoy. Since then, the project has enjoyed:

  • Local & National press through BBC Radio interviews and write ups in publications such as The Metro, The Guardian, What's On Stage, Irish News and The Stage.

  • Multiple reviews by independent reviewers, receiving no less than four stars. 

  • Thousands of viewers, not only here in the UK but worldwide, all contributing to stream the episode.

  • Tens of thousands social media interactions.

All of the above was achieved with a zero marketing budget.

Moving forward, the entire process has not only given me further inspiration for the project but I believe it's established a strong foundation to pitch the concept to broadcasters and streaming platforms searching for content.

Other writing projects I'm working  on at the moment include: 

  • 'Countdown' - Short Film - Filming 2021

    • A psychological thriller exploring traumatic events that link three strangers forever.

  • 'Swank' - TV Pilot - Concept Filming 2021 to present to BBC

    • A new-age comedy which tells the story of a once famous supermodel trying to reignite his career whilst living with his family in Wolverhampton.​

David Muscat

David Muscat




Paul Taylor Mills


In The Heights - Heathers

"I've had the pleasure of working with David for a number of years and in my experience his level of reliability matches his creativity.

During an extremely difficult time, I was impressed with his ability to identify a great idea for development, obtain a wonderfully talented cast & crew, produce an entertaining example and have it as-well received as it has been by a large audience."


James Kermack


Hi-Low Joe - Knuckledust

"Three words... He is funny.

I look forward to collaborating and working with him again in the future. It's rare that a script can make you physically laugh out loud, his Fosse Forest sitcom made me spit my tea over my pyjamas."


Racky Plews


American Idiot - Knights of the Rose

"I first worked with David in 2012 and since then I've had the pleasure of working with him multiple times since. I was intrigued when he first reached out to me with his sitcom pilot idea and upon reading the script I was immediately convinced it was fabulously witty, awkward and clever. I agreed to direct the concept episode, and having worked closely with David during the filming, it was evident that not only the content was great but his work ethic, flexibility and commitment was outstanding. I look forward to working with him in future on whatever creative projects come our way."


Paul Bullion


Peaky Blinders - The Witcher

"10 years ago I worked with David. The fact we're still in touch is testament to his ability to make me laugh. I've been lucky enough to not only have seen all the preparation, drafts, and planning for his sitcom concept but to have seen it in completed form was amazing.

I will continue to endorse and champion not only his work, but him as a creator"

Musical Theatre Sitcom - The Fosse Forest Ballet

Front End Website

This is where the concept episode is housed and available to the public to stream for a small fee.

Back End Website

We made the episode available via a hidden page on Graded Films website for reviews and festival entries. (Available upon request)

Concept Episode Treatment

Information regarding the proof of concept, rationale, viewer feedback, press examples and more.

Project Social Media

We've had some great support and feedback via our social accounts.

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Contact David

Mobile: 07528200677
Socials: @DavidMMuscat
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