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© 2020 by Emerge Production House


  Emerge Sessions Live  

  Showcasing UK's emerging music artists  

  Tuesday 14th NOVEMBER @ The Aeronaut  

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'Emerge Sessions' was created by Emerge Production House when the UK first went into lockdown.

The idea was simple, provide a place where emerging music artists could have their music heard and enjoyed.

Provide a platform, a stage where one didn't exist.


A YouTube channel was created :

Since its creation the channel has featured over 100 music artists from around the world and now houses a catalogue of diverse tracks ranging from R'n'B, Country & Western, Soul, Pop, Rock, Rap to Funk.

The channel is now a hot spot where music lovers can discover new music and a discover a new favourite band or singer/songwriter.


As lockdown restrictions lifted, Emerge Sessions filmed its first recorded sessions at the Bush Theatre. Featuring four London local artists,

the series provided a more in-depth look at them as artists and a mini concert of their tunes.

Now, after a long awaited period, Emerge Sessions is about to branch into live events. The ethos remains the same. Provide a platform to showcase emerging talent. A variety of artists under one roof, on one stage. A mini festival if you will.


With all that said, Emerge Sessions is proud and excited to plan its first event at the Aeronaut, one of London's leading live events venue.

Several music artists, a DJ and a night of live music to be enjoyed by all!

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  Acoustic Sensation  


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