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Hebrew Road


Heartwarming Romantic Comedy


After hitting rock bottom, Terry becomes infatuated with a mystery woman on his daily bus journey.
When she suddenly stops getting on, his only option is to find her.

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'Love Actually' meets 'Notting Hill'

Written By:


David Muscat

Writer / Actor


Core Characters:

Terry Houghton
Late 30’s. A big kid at heart who’s taken life for granted. He suddenly finds himself at rock bottom. Homeless, jobless and no longer able to fit into the jeans he once did in his twenties. He’s reached a point where he finally pulls his head out of the sand and sees those around him have their lives sorted. Whilst he struggles to commit to things, he does give them a go, but more often than not he fails. This is until he finds some never before seen devotion to tracking down the mystery woman from the 176 bus who stops getting on at Hebrew Road each morning. A big kid who finally grows up on this journey of discovery.
Dom Paris
Late 30’s. Terry’s college friend, a newly married man expecting his first child. Runs his own organic coffee shop. Very ‘straight laced’, quite opposite to Terry in many ways, however he finds himself committed to his plight ever since they first met in college and Terry stood up for him against the school bullies. Anxious, allergic to almost everything and always looking to please his wife Charlotte. 
Charlotte Paris
Mid-Late 30’s. Tom’s wife, newly pregnant. A strong-mind woman. She has the very best of intentions but sometimes finds it tough not to organise every detail in general life. She can’t let go usually, finds it better to just do it herself rather than rely on others. Is finding pregnancy tough as her typical OCD behaviours heighten as each month goes by. 
Fred Turner & Leonard Watson
Both in their 40's, they’re  very secure in their relationship and have been partners for over 14 years. Fred is a Personal Trainer and Leonard a Sports Journalist who also has a regular weekend show  in Soho where his ulta ego ‘Eileen Dover’ has her own cabaret show.  
Penny & Stuart Swanson
Mid-Late 30’s, a stable couple. Penny is a stay-at-home Mum who juggles looking after their 2 kids with running a successful online business. Smart, quirky and loves to make things happen. Stuart is a hard working builder. A straight shooter, he tells it how it is and never mixes his words.

Plot Overview:


Terry celebrates his birthday by being fired, evicted and dumped by his semi casual fling. 

Down and out, an old school friend, Dom offers him the spare room in his house to help him back on his feet. This doesn't quite sit well with his newly pregnant wife Charlotte.
Terry is impervious to the fact he’s hit rock bottom. He reverts into a self destructive mess taking advantage of their hospitality until Charlotte’s baby shower party. Surrounded by a ‘gaggle’ of couples, Terry is urged to get his life on track. It’s a revelation for Terry. He sees these couples as having the perfect life and now he wants in. The ‘gaggle’ consisting of Dom & Charlotte, Fred & Leonard and Penny & Stuart devise a simple plan. Get a job.
Terry hits the streets and after a movie montage of interviews, his efforts are rewarded with a position at a local bank branch. Not quite the holder of the vault keys, but still it's a job.
Whilst it's a positive step, he quickly discovers he's starting from the bottom and as he begins to establish himself, we begin to notice cracks forming within his circle of 'gaggled' couples. Amidst all of that, the highlight of Terry’s day has become 6:44am every morning on his bus into work.
At exactly 6:44am each morning, a woman gets on his bus at the Hebrew Road stop. With every day that passes he finds himself fantasising who she is, her backstory and what their kids would look like. He tries to build up the courage to talk to her, but his attempts are impeded. After informing his couples crew about this mystery woman he is encouraged to pull his finger out and crack on. With new found enthusiasm the following morning he applies an extra dab of 'Old Spice' and as the bus stops at Hebrew road he's primed to pounce.

The woman doesn't get on.

Several weeks have gone past an each day like clock work this woman has gotten on bus. Her sudden disappearance sends him into a tail spin, she doesn't get on the following day, or the day after. 
Terry begins to find himself getting distracted. He tries to recall any fragments from his memories that might give him a clue about this woman. When the 'gaggle' hear about this their opinions split. Some sit in the camp of tracking her down, some in the camp of moving on. 

With the help of the 'tracking down' camp, Terry commits to the search for the mysterious woman. However, despite their best efforts and a poster they find in the local area saying 'Want to learn the flute?' with a picture of the mystery woman, but sadly all the telephone number tabs pulled away, the search nets little results.

Terry regresses. With his focus turned he's not gone into work for a week and faces being fired. He's about to start his third tub of Triple Chocolate ice-cream sat on the couch when he hears an all mighty scream from Charlotte. She's going into labour. A home birth was always the plan, however the birth wasn't expected for another few weeks. Panic sets in, Terry can't get a hold of Dom, Charlotte calls for an emergency mid wife to come and assist. The house is transformed into a shambolic scene of expletives and guttural groans until there is a knock at the door. It's the mid wife. It's the mystery woman. 

Is it wrong to ask a woman out on a date as your best friend's wife is sat in an inflatable pool of makeshift jello and cream hunched over trying to give birth whilst her husband is missing in action?



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