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At 16, full of boundless adoration for the world of music and screen, I excitedly travelled to London, clutching tickets for Ennio Morricone’s live concert at the 02. As I heard the news of his death this morning, aged 91, all I could think about was the sense of magic I felt on that evening; overwhelmingly grateful for his colossal contribution to the sounds of Hollywood over his career, which was nothing short of epic.

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In these months of lockdown, we found ourselves in a reality different from the one we would define normal. We suddenly found ourselves locked in our homes, which also became our place of work or study. In this new context, we discovered that our computers and smart devices were our windows on the outside world. However, we soon found out that there was also a negative aspect to this newfound window. It was tiring to look at it. With us barely noticing it, we dramatically increased our screen time. We were bouncing from our computer to our TV, while always keeping an eye on our mobile phone.

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Hey! Guess what? I have writer’s block. This was bound to come. I have been consistently writing on my blog now for four consecutive months and I have run out of ideas. As I sit here, in the glorious sunshine with the warm summer breeze across my shoulders looking into my lusciously green garden (you’re welcome for those descriptions), I thought to myself it’s Friday. I need to upload a blog.

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