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In the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the difficulty of opening theatres while enforcing social distancing rules. Among those raising their voice for a full capacity opening was Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. The author of many successful musicals, Lord Lloyd Webber, owns many theatres, and his successful productions run all over the world.

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So this blog is a little more serious than usual, but I just NEED to say my piece, especially now I can feel the BLM movement being slowly less spoken about on social media. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve felt overwhelmed, I’ve felt shocked, I’ve felt an incredibly deep sadness and frustration, and all of these feelings have shown me the depth of my white privilege. I have only been able to have these feelings due to the fact my skin colour has never played a part in my hardship and I have never experienced my life chances being obstructed because of my race. Black people are not suddenly feeling shocked and saddened!

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