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I wrote this blog in Caffè Nero on my stepmother’s 51st birthday on 23rd July 2020. I’ve struggled to post this since, because it acts as a diary entrance rather than a blog. But, I know the Art of Grieving is a slow and traumatic one filled with many different stages, and this feels like a positive next step. My step-mother died on 5th December 2019, two days before I was supposed to return home from my travels in Thailand. She was so excited for me to go travelling, and I regretfully didn’t keep her updated with my travels because I was going to tell her everything when I came home and could do it in person. Obviously that day never happened.

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If you’ve ever listened to Pink Floyd, I mean really listened, you would probably find yourself in a minor existential crisis about thirty minutes later. I happened to be listening to “Another brick in the Wall Pt. 2″ on a drive a couple of weeks ago. Due to the current societal climate, I felt drawn to one very specific lyric.

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Hailing from Kings Lynn, 23-year-old Soham De released his first single ‘Brave’ back in 2018, remarking that it was ‘just the beginning’ for him ( Over the past two years, and now with the release of his most recent EP, the talented singer-songwriter has proved to be absolutely correct about this.

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