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Two weeks ago, the last episode of season one of the former First Lady’s podcast came out. She was the last to join an ever-growing group of celebrities and public figures who host their own podcast. Topics were disparate and overarching, but there were a couple of files rouges that linked all of them. Before going on, while this isn’t a politics podcast, Mrs. Obama’s and her hosts’ views are quite transparent. So, be aware that political discussion will emerge from time to time in every episode.

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I’ve been very lazy with blogging recently, so apologies for that! Not that anyone would have noticed cause you all have far more interesting lives than me. Let me explain myself. I was told last week that I need to move house a week from today, so my brain went straight to thinking about that and completely away from all the other things in my life. Hope you’re all doing well and second UK lockdown hasn’t hit you too hard. This week I am going to be doing some catch-up blogging and here is the first of the catch-up period.

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