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With the success of projects such as Club Quarantine, the proliferation of livestreaming bedroom DJs and more and more illegal raves cropping up, it is clear that many miss dance music and the club as a space. Yet for some, dancing on a Zoom call does not seem appealing. A music that is so often an escape doesn’t necessarily work as a soundtrack for confinement. While some can appreciate this temporary clublessness and enjoy a footwork set on their laptop, others may find this to be an unrecognisably diluted experience. Dance music and nightclubs have also been documented and emulated richly in some (not all, I hasten to add) iconic films. Here are a few to watch if you are craving a more artfully depicted club scene than your friend’s Instagram live stream…

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Reflecting on the last few months, Covid-19 has created a unity in our anxiety. I feel almost everyone I have spoken too has accepted their roller coaster of emotions, uncertainty has fuelled existing mental health problems whilst starting the fire for others. Personally, within my circle, ‘up and down’ has been part of everyone’s vocabulary regarding the explanation of their feelings, and before, this phrase was mostly spoken amongst those circle of friends who would regard that as the classic, normal life.

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Hi all! I got a job today! After 6 months I have managed to nab myself a job and I am finally going to be going back to the world of work. Unemployment has been hard, but something always comes along. Unfortunately, although I am very excited about my new job, it’s not in the arts field. I think I have resided myself to the fact that for maybe the next 12 months to 2 years, jobs in the arts sector will be very limited. This week there have been a lot of new developments in the pandemic situation and the government’s handling of it. Here are my thoughts on some things that affect those in the arts sector.

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