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Forbidden Past

Written By:

David Muscat


Eye-opening Sci-Fi drama


An Ancient language professor is taken hostage to decipher new found scriptures. In isolation he reveals the actual past of humans on Earth as recorded by Enoch. His captors reveal themselves to be an honourable group wanting to communicate the truth.


'24' meets the book 'Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past' written by Erich von Däniken.


Core Characters:



Middle Eastern, Language Professor at a London University. Mid-Late 30's, calm, calculated however he has toed-the-line for the bulk of his career. Believer in the fact that there is most likely aspects of our past that we don't recognise, however until now, there's been no burning desire to push the fact. Excited about the prospect of getting married to his childhood sweetheart, Adira. He is intelligent, grounded and academically suave. 

Samantha Peterson
London Detective, 

David Muscat

Plot Overview:

Series One:

- Establish Elijah, his relationship with fiancée Adira, his work at University. He is a well regarded professor in Ancient languages.

- Elijah is abducted by a unknown group and transported to an unknown location. An isolated room where he can only hear the voice of his captors.

- Adira, worried that Elijah has not returned home alerts the authorities of his disappearance. Enter Detective Samantha Peterson. After being assigned to the case he is swiftly taken off the case by an secret government agency. Unable to let the case go, he continues working with Adira on the disappearance of her fiancée. 

- Elijah is delivered ancient scriptures to decipher. There are the fabled 



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