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Three Doors Down

Written By:

David Muscat


Magical Fantasy


A young girl befriends an old door salesman.
She discovers the doors lead to a magical far off land of Pavlopetri. The land is in turmoil at the loss of the 3 Keys of Concord. She must help restore the order and assist her need found magical friends.


'Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe' meets 'Harry Potter'

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Core Characters:



Stacey Templeton
13 year old loner girl. Doesn't quite fit into any social group. She's complex but yet still has a child-like nativity. Whilst she appears meek she discovers her courage. A believer in the wonders of the world she stands by her convictions.

Doc Riveria
Owner of the Door Store. Mid-Late 40's, mysterious and wise. Friendly but aloof, charming but eclectic. He store has been in his family for generations.  
Chancellor Apheria
A grand elf, tall and slinder. She is weathered, worn and tired. She has assumed the post of leader of her people in Pavlopetri.

David Muscat

Plot Overview:

On the first day at her new school, Stacey is immediate confronted with another situation of not fitting in.

She struggles to make friends and upon returning home to it becomes swiftly apparent that her home life mimics her school life. 

Around the dinner table her older siblings regale the family with stories of their accomplishments in their new found surroundings. Her father is excited about his new job at the factory and all seems well. Stacey simply eats her beans and listens. Not being acknowledge. Not being noticed.

The following day as her mother dresses her for school, she passively requests her to try. Try and make a go of it, make friends and fit in. It's a request Stacey has endured several times. On her way to school she is bullied by a group of school mates who begin to chase her. As she flees, she runs into a mysterious, old door shop. Doc, the store owner, yells out but quickly identifies something is a-foot as two panting teenage boys storm into the store. When they ask where the girl is, Doc immediately advises there's noone else in the store by him, even though he can see Stacey through the corner of his eye. As they leave he let's her know that she can come out. As he attempts to discover what all the kerfuffle was all about Stacey's attention is focused on the beautiful and almost magical looking doors on display. Doc easily identifies her interest and offers her sanctuary should she ever need it again. 

Back at school, the others again tease her. She sits isolated in class doddling doors on her school books. At lunch, the tables quickly fill and she is left with no where to sit. Her only option is sit on the steps alone, however it's somethings she's used too. Until Freddie Smartle asks if he can sit next to her.  



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