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Cult Comedy


Life can get pretty normal.
That is until an old school friend turns your life upside and you suddenly wind up in the final of the National Air Guitar Championships.

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'Zoolander' meets 'Talladega Nights'


David Muscat

Writer / Actor

Core Characters:

Terry Turnerson
Mid-Late 30's, Terry's life is on the 'normal' track. Works at an accountancy firm which, through a ton of hard work and sacrifice, he's now just weeks away from becoming a Senior Partner. In his Uni days he pretty straight-laced, but when he did let loose, he was severely influenced by his best friend Bobby. However, any resemblance of loose behaviour disappeared when he met his now wife to be, Beth. Most of his adult life now centres around ticking off 'to-do' list boxes for her. He is conservative, with an inner party beast laying dormant inside.

Beth Swanson
Mid-Late 30's, abrupt, organised, almost dictator like. Most of these attributes are heightened by the fact that she's pregnant and hasn't told Terry as yet. She's withholding the news so he can focus on making partner at work, however this causes us, the audience, to drop in on her character at the height of trying to keep Terry, and their, lives on track. She does want to lead a more care-free lifestyle, but that is buried deep below over complicated schedules, diary reminders and 'to-do' lists.

Bobby Goldstein
Mid-Late 30's, Terry's best friend from college. A child man, not in any hurry of growing up. He's lead his life drifting in the wind and accepting any opportunity that could lead to a good time without any thought for the future. However, after years of this lifestyle he's world has started to crumble and he decided to return back to his home town to lay low.  

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Plot Overview:

Life is just about perfect for Terry. He has a beautiful, but demanding wife.

A job at an accountancy firm that, after a few years of hard work, is about to lead him to become a Senior Partner. And the pickets on his front fence have just been painted a fresh coat of white. Everything is going along just as it should. 

That is of course, until his phone rings and it's his old Uni buddy Bobby, letting him know he's back in town and in-need of a place to stay. Bobby informs him that he's recently been diagnosed with an illness and wants to see out his days amongst those he loves.

In the blink of an eye, Terry finds his straight-laced life is being criticised by Bobby and now finds himself being influenced to make bad choices. Terry's wife, Beth, more highly strung than usual can't seem to fathom why Terry feels so obliged to cater to Bobby's requests. There's instant conflict between Beth and Bobby, who's now effectively moved in to live on their loungeroom pull-out sofa bed. 

Stressed about an upcoming presentation at work, Bobby decides to try and alleviate Terry's worries by coaxing him to an under cover bar for a liquid lunch. From the recesses of the tiny bar a waft of dry-ice smoke seeps through a crack. Travelling with the smoke is a barely audible trickle of classic 80's rock. As the pair investigate the disturbance they stumble upon an underworld gathering. The seediness and potential danger is quickly dispersed when a grown man in fluoro purple tights takes to the stage and blows a handful of glitter into the small, but eager crowd. As he begins to mimic the guitar solo to Purple Rain, it becomes apparent to the pair that they are in witnessing an underground Air Guitar battle. The 'Purple chap' calls for any challenges. Bobby pushes Terry into the makeshift arena. With Bobby's unwavering encouragement, Terry tears shreds, pulls off dance moves and imaginarily rocks the house down. Purple chap bows down to his skills and encourages him to sign up for the upcoming Regional championships coming up.



Available for development

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