Written By:

David Muscat


Cult Comedy


Terry Turnerson leads a normal life. A big promotion he's been working towards is about to happen, a pregnant fiancee he's about to marry. Life is normal. That is until an old school friend comes back to town shakes things up. The result, Terry's focus turns to becoming the Regional State International Air Guitar champion.

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'Zoolander' meets 'Talladega Nights'

Core Characters:


Terry Turnerson
Mid-Late 30's, Terry's life is on the 'normal' track. Works an an accountancy firm where he's made sacrifices to now be weeks away from becoming a Senior Partner. In his college days he was a reckless party animal however all that changed when he met his now wife to be, Beth. She straightened him out, remoulded him and most of his adult life now centres around ticking off 'to-do' list boxes. Straight laced, conservative, with an inner party beast laying dormant inside.

Beth Swanson
Mid-Late 30's, abrupt, organised, almost dictator like. Most of these attributes are highlighted by the fact that she's pregnant and hasn't told Terry as yet. She's withholding the news so he can focus on making partner at work, however this causes us to drop in on her character at the height of trying to keep Terry, and their, lives on track. She does want to lead a more care-free lifestyle, but that is buried deep below over complicated schedules, diary reminders and 'to-do' lists.

Bobby Goldstein
Mid-Late 30's, Terry's best friend from college. 


David Muscat

Plot Overview: