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Come join us to experience a night filled to the brim with some of the most forward-thinking artists in London. We are an eco-friendly arts festival that cares about promoting sustainability whilst providing a platform for emerging artists!


We give artists from all walks of life a theme, they have to develop this theme, resulting in an organic and fresh piece of work, this time BLACK SHEEP.

WHO'S PERFORMING: Poets, actors, writers, singers, musicians, painters, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, and designers!

It’s the perfect opportunity to network, see some fantastic shows, and meet artists that will inspire you. We'll also have some fantastic industry professionals in attendance.

Fun facts. Get yourself some legit Vegan food, and don't get too drunk on our Eco-Friendly cocktails!

This night will be without plastic and we'll have some environmentalists coming down for talks.



This area is for us to shout about all the positive things that are on the verge of happening at Emerge Production House.

Latest wins, results, great idea submissions, you name it!

If it's here, we're excited about it.

Actively Seeking Writers!

Song writers, script writers, get in touch.

We're excting to hear your ideas and work with you.

Two New Sector Supervisors?

We may very well be on the verge of having two new Sector Supervisors.

They'll be responsible for helping us develop exciting projects in their respective Sectors which will help us grow those Departments.

Emerge Website Relaunch!

We've relaunched and we're excited.

Feel free to explore and break things.

New Writing Project!

Roxane Cabassut is working on a new piece of writing and we're very eager to take it to the next step.

Emerge Sessions Launched!

Our Music Department has launched an awesome online project called Emerge Sessions.

It's goal is to showcase new & emerging music artists and present them to an audience of people looking to discover.

Emerge Rebranded!

New name, new logo... what's not to love?

New Co-Artisitic Director!

We are very excited to announce David Muscat as the new Co-Artistic Director of Emerge Production House.

His wealth of experience across the Entertainement and Business worlds will be a true asset.


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