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Regional British Sitcom

Two strangers, two former actors.
One shying away from attention the other starved of it. Both living and working under the same roof.

'The Odd Couple' meets 'Extras'


David Muscat

Writer / Actor


Core Characters:

Michael Bishop
A former child actor his claim to fame was a regular stint on a beloved British sitcom called 'Muck About'. To this day he is still widely recognised and appreciated. Now in his late-thirties his passion to return to limelight has dwindled and he is happy enough to cruise through life. He takes the recognition with a pinch of salt and secretly enjoys the relaxed nature of working at the restaurant.

David Delahey
A grafter, he worked his way up within the world of theatre however whilst he's never shy of regaling anyone within ear-shot of the stars he has worked with, he himself never amounted to anything more than a glorified 'set mover'. He pines for the limelight, yearns to get back into something creative however it's been a lean couple of years. Working at the restaurant is supposed to be a stop-gap, however it's proving to become more of a unwanted lifestyle. Envious, jealous but deep down he just wants to be noticed.

Mamma Rosa
The owner of the restaurant, she's firm but mostly fair. She runs a tight ship and considers those that work for her to be apart of her 'family'. She can be brash and unfiltered but deep down she would do anything for those she loves.

Hugo Capapilarkous
Whilst he came to London many years ago to develop his grasp of 'Britishness', ten years one he still struggles with the core principles. He supposes Stoke FC, but knows none of the players, he drinks pints of warm beer, but adds ice cubes and with an expired visa, lives in constant fear of immigration swooping in. The barman in the restaurant that gets more drink orders wrong than right.

Tonia Tramelli
She's the apple of everyone's eye, even though she can never understand why. In her mid-thirties she's passionate about what she believes in and never shies away from standing up for herself. She's been Mama Rose's supervisor for many years and has ensured that, even though it's rough around the edges, the place manages to stay afloat. 


Plot Overview:

The parameters of the series revolves around the relationship between Michael and David.
Whilst they share a common interest in the arts, they're very much polar opposites.

They first meet at the
restaurant, a local often vacant Italian diner in Pitts Hill, Stoke-On-Trent as they interview for the same waiters position. Mamma Rosa, the restaurant owner takes a liking to them both and offers them both a start. For David it's a last resort as financially he's not been able to make money doing what he's passionate about, whereas Michael happily continues floating through life. As apart of the role, or now roles, they are offered to stay in the living quarters above the restaurant, a variety of gloomy but liveable studio apartments. Originally meant for a single occupier, their relationship gets fast-tracked as they now not only share close quarters, but suddenly become apart of a 'family' consisting a quirky co-working characters they weren't expecting too.

As their sometime 'love/hate' friendship develops, they both dream in their own ways of returning to world of acting. For Michael, it's a blasé attitude which somehow manages to take care of itself. His agent continually obtain great auditions and opportunities, whereas David grafts of a daily basis but struggles to get seen for the anything above such classic characters as 'Man with Box' or 'Third Man from the Left'. 


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