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Sci-Fi Family Drama


A sister's search for her twin who disappeared 
unexpectedly leads her to unveil the truth behind the meaning of our very existence.


'Stranger Things' meets 'The Handmaid's Tale'



David Muscat

Writer / Actor


Aaron Ware

Writer / Novelist

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The World within 'THEIA':

To understand the premise of the series, you must first understand the world that it exists within.

What is Theia?
Theia is a hypothesised ancient planet in the early Solar System that, according to the giant-impact hypothesis, collided with Earth around 4.5 billion years ago, with some of the resulting ejected debris gathering to form the Moon.


Our series suggests that the collision not only had physical implications, but also dimensional.

We explain the very existence of humanity by suggesting that the impact created a transdimensional
 anomaly whereby both Earth and Theia still exist but occupy difference dimensional planes.

We imagine that the
inhabitants of Theia (Solests) as ethereal beings.
Very different to humans, they consist of metaphysical essencse.

The collision of our two worlds created an eternal link and over time
Theia's inhabitants established doorways to transport themselves to Earth,
however they were unable to survive in their form alone.

Billions of years later, when carbon life evolved on Earth, it became apparent that a symbiotic connection could be made. This increased human's capabilities and gives us what we refer to today as the feeling of having a 'Soul'. We can only exist in the manner we are today, with the symbiosis relationship between us and the Solests.

When the Solest (Souls) first discovered this ability to inhabit Earth their Elders constructed a system based on the behaviour of a Solest on Earth. Souls that lived an enriched, good life cycle returned to Utopia (what we refer to as 'Heaven') which in-fact is a quadrant on Theia. Returned 'Souls' await their next departure back to Earth.
There are six doorways into Earth from Theia, each with a
priority clearance level. On the end of the spectrum is a place on Theia where Souls are banished called Sheol, or as we would refer to it, Hell. This is where Souls that have abused their stay on Earth, broken the rules, are returned never to be delivered to Earth again. 


Core Characters:

Serena Cardinas - Human
The Goth Girl. Sardonic and dry, without being necessarily sarcastic. Street smart and world wise, yet nihilistic and self-deprecating. Loves broken or damaged things, and often wears black- with bursts of reds, greys and purples. Lesbian, but considers it the least interesting thing about her.

Sonya Cardinas - Human
The Choir Girl. Prim, pepper, and proper. Sonya strives for perfection whilst aiming to please. Constantly gets good grades, and sees a ‘B’ as an affront to her hard work. A goodie-two-shoes teacher’s pet, with book
smarts, and a flirtatious manner when she wants something- which is often. Often wears white, pastels, and pinks.

Fr. Abdi Okinanowe - Human
Junior Priest of St. Angelo’s, who grew up in Hertfordshire where he
was born to Nigerian parents. He joined the priesthood after graduating high school, and spent ten years at a Scottish monastery up in
the Scottish Highlands. Before moving to the city and finding a home in St. Angelo’s.

Fr. Wolf Lindeman - Human
Senior Priest. Around 55-65 years old. Became the head priest of St. Angelo’s when he was only 25, having spent his lifetime studying towards this position. Publicly he is calm, but privately he suffers
from extreme anxiety given the hefty weight of his responsibility guarding the ‘tether’.
Jockey – Soul
Serena’s first Soul friend. He’s a “Great Soul” that hasn’t been to earth since hislast vessel died on August 16th, 1977. Short and plump, with a cheerful disposition, and slight cockney-accent, he is joyous until you mention horses as one almost ended his time on earth with a forceful kick that narrowly missed his head. He still wonders if a connecting-kick

would have expelled him from [WAYFAIR].

Regatta – Soul
Cold, no-nonsense, but an awfully “Great Soul”. She was once Cleopatra, and more recently spent time on earth as Bea Arthur. She is the unofficial leader of their group, due to having the most experience on earth. Never partakes in activities (such as gambling), unless she needs something which she can’t otherwise get.

Milk – Soul
Calm, quiet and soft-spoken, Milk is a great listener to his/her friends, but often goes unheard or unconsidered. Recently returned from a sixty-year stint on earth where he/she saved many lives until the narrative came to a sad close.

Bruiser – Soul
One of the “Worst Souls”, but given the neutral setting of [WAYFAIR], he looks more imposing than he really is. Having been given

the responsibilities of Henry V’s favourite executioner, a general in the American civil war, as well as a Nazi doctor, Bruiser chooses

to associate with “Great Souls” to ease the burden of the narratives he helped to live-out. He secretly hopes that this learned-yet-acute

sense of empathy eventually damages his ‘inherited apathy’, rendering him broken, and therefore expelled.

Sprinkle – Soul
Camp, fun, and always excited. Sprinkle seems to get the group in more trouble than he’d like. Unable to sit still, and always talking

out-of-turn, Sprinkle constantly tests Regatta’s patience, whilst making Serena laugh.

Plot Overview:

Series One:



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