Title:                            The Fosse Forest Ballet

Writer:                         David Muscat

Genre:                         Theatrical Comedy Series

Duration:                    6x 25 minute episodes per Season (2 Seasons Possible)


The Office meets Summer Heights High in London's West End.

This is a series, about a show, that does not exist.

A witty story-line following the journey of the next West End Pantomime hit, The Fosse Forest Ballet.

A comical mockumentary that goes behind-the-scenes and explores what it takes to put on a show.


From a business perspective, there is a sizeable demographic that is interested in theatrical content driven story-lines.

Theatre is one of the sub-sectors of the creative industries, which is worth £101.5 billion,

growing at nearly twice the rate of the UK economy, prior to COVID.

The pandemic has had a devastating affect on the Arts industry, shutting down all forms of theatre since March 2020. At this moment in time, theatre's are hoping to re-open fully again in June/July 2021.

In 'normal' circumstances there is a case for a TV series to focus around the theatrical scene given the popularity of the industry, however given the current circumstances, there is a starved audience right now The concept is transferable across multiple territories with strong Theatre loving/going communities. Outside of the United Kingdom there would also be a potential audience across the USA, Australia, Asia & Europe.

Subsequently, the above focuses mainly on those that enjoy theatre, there clearly is a large foundation of audience, however the the thing to consider is this is first and foremost a comedy. You don't need to enjoy theatre to enjoy this programme.

Proof of Concept

This concept was inspired by the success of Philip Joel’s sketch videos during Lockdown. A relative unknown at the time, with only a handful of followers, his Twitter videos alone received in excess of 30k-50k views.

The level of engagement from people clearly indicates the potential success of this concept.


We launched the pilot episode online and asked for a contribution of £3.49. Thus far, with a very limited marketing budget we have received over 800 viewers, rave reviews and traction within the Press.

Target Audience

14yr old to 75yr old, Male/Female/Other.

This programme appeals to comedy-lovers from all walks of life. However, it’s important to note, as the concept is ‘Theatre’ driven, 63% of the UK population (66.5mil) went to the theatre in the past 12 months (41.8mil) providing a large foundation of viewers ready and waiting to enjoy some theatrical content.


A very cost effective budget requirement due to a ‘single location’ shoot venue with small cast & crew involvement.

A detailed budget is available upon request.

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