Now, more than ever, the need to support artistic endeavours is at its most critical.

We currently operate on a zero budget. With this, we've established some great initiatives solely

off many hours of work and dedication.

Currently we have a music project that has created a platform for over 70 artists around the world to share their talents, co-ordinated an online film festival for film/content makers, we've developed a TV Series,

a Short Film that is due for production in September, we've begun booking a Theatre tour of the UK for 2021 and we've laid the foundations to safely exhibit art to the public.

There are plenty more initiatives that we would like to ignite, however we are only a handful of volunteers.

Should you feel passionate about the Arts and would like to assist Emerge Production House, please feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities.

We believe in 'Strength in Numbers', behind the scenes we have a team of volunteers that give up their time freely to try and help others. There is a definite potential to achieve more with greater resources. Together, we can make a difference.





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Emerge Production House

London, United Kingdom