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Stream Killer

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Serial Killer Horror


A YouTuber house is terrorised by a serial killer who kills content creator whilst streaming. Suddenly going live means risking your life.


'Panic Room' meets 'Friday the 13th'

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Core Characters:

Trey Harden
The leader of the house. Mid 20's, alpha, dominate. His channel mainly focuses on pranking and making fun of others. 

Sophie Templeton
Mid 20's, the punk goth gamer youtuber. Her dark humour and outlook on life projects a tough exterior however inside she's quite fragile.

Manixx Williamson
Mid 20's, a failed basketballer who has silky skills. His channel is a showcase of his skills and his one-on-one challenges with others. 

Dean Saunders
The editor for the house. Mid 20's, he's a tech geek, softly spoken and often taken advantage of.

Trisha Horton
The beauty queen. Mid 20's, attractive and self absorbed. She is intelligent and knows what her looks will bring and she is happy to take advantage of that. Her channel provides beauty tips.


David Muscat

Writer / Actor


Plot Overview:

A couple, Trey and Trisha decide to go into business together by renting a house purely to create an environment to stream and create content. 

The pair decide to fill in the gaps and through a process of interviews they complete their team with two others, Manixx and Sarah, whilst also bringing in Dean to edit all the footage.

Each of the four get to starting their channels, spending most of their available time building their communities. As the months pass their numbers grow strong and the team celebrates their one millionth subscriber. They have become famous in their own respective ways and the responsibility of making their content bigger and better starts fracturing the group.

On a dark and stormy night, having streamed lived all day to her subscribers Sarah is sudden killed live on air. The event rocks the house. Most unsure as to whether to continue, however Trey realises the subscriber numbers across the channels has dramatically increased. He urges the group to stick together and they find a replacement in Sophie. 

As things begin to get on track, suddenly Manixx is brutal killed whilst streaming a one-on-one game of basketball. Both participants are found by the others dismembered. 

The notion starts to sink in. One by one they are being killed. Attentions turn to Dean the often mistreated footage editor, however he is nowhere to be found. 

Whilst the others are at their wits end, Trey is more focused on the viral attention the group is achieving. He decides to propose that they do a group stream across all their channels and hunt out Dean. The group splits up and Sophie finds Dean. Only he's dead, dismembered in the attic. She tries to contact the others to inform them but the lights go out. Her phone knocked from her hand. The killer is in the attic. Her death is captured and streamed to an audience.

Trisha tries to contact Sophie as she searches the garage. After failing to make contact she quickly realises she has been murdered and freaks out as a she hears a noise in the distance. A shadowy figure reveals himself to be Trey. She is safe. She pleads with him for them to leave but it's at that stage that Trey reveals himself as the killer.


Available for development

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