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Rom Com - The Movie


Heartwarming Romantic Comedy


When a shy insurance salesman falls in love with a girl he can't speak to, he obsessively studies classic romantic comedies to learn how to behave and win the girl.  


'Hitch' meets 'High Fidelity'.

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Core Characters:

A shy man-child, who has refused to grow up. His near death experience compels him to change his ways. He is completely out of his depth with anything other than sports, video games and beer. Underneath he has a heart of gold, his insecurities have caused him to always play it safe and never step outside his safety zone.

Garth’s best mate. Thick as thieves, they have enabled each other's lifestyles for 20 years. They are in a marriage of sorts and unknowingly it is a toxic relationship that must end. Pete sees the change Garth is making and sees an opportunity to make a few quick bucks by exploiting his research and new found passion. The truth is Pete can't help but be changed for the better as he learns from Garth’s transformation.

Garth's Love interest. She runs her own boutique florist and grows her own organic flowers. She is so busy she rarely has time for herself. She falls for Garth but doesn't want to get played. She’s been hurt before and wants to know that Garth is legit, not some scam artist.

Written By:

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Ryan Coonan

Writer / Director


Plot Overview:

Garth is 40, he’s getting older and wants more from life. 

He believes all his friends are winning in the game of life, they flaunt their promotions, new cars, holidays and thriving families. 


Garth has spent the last two decades working for the weekend, five days of pain for two days of bliss - video games, sports and the pub. He is a perpetual man child. 


After a near death experience, Garth decides he must make some changes. The problem, he has no idea where to start. A friend, Pete, reveals that he was only able to ensnare his wife after following advice he gleaned from a romantic comedy.


Garth is convinced he must find love to take his life to the next stage. 


Pete assembles a crew of married men to help, and live vicariously through, Garth. They embark on a mission to learn all he can from classic romantic comedies of the last 40 years. They analyse and quantify all the rules, mistakes and most probably approaches for success in a manner similar to a locker-room setup coming up with winning strategies.

His new found confidence and knowledge starts to change him.

As a team, they head to a variety of locations and as Garth attempts to recreate various icon scenes the team of married men stay hidden in the background. Monitoring, communicating and filming like a special forces tactical team. 

Garth's love-life begins to thrive but he's quick to realise that whilst a 'revolving door' of new women is great, he finds himself no closer to the One. The crew however are loving the success and without Garth knowing, they're documenting every accomplishment via a vlog. 

Then comes along Ali, who captivates Garth, she's different.


He is certain if he can just work out how to approach her he may stand a chance. He begins running the 'plays' and finally she agrees to go on a date. Everything is going well, until the secretly published online vlog goes viral. Ali is horrified and feels betrayed. Garth's efforts to explain fail. 


Garth’s new found online celebrity status threatens his ultimate goal of getting Ali back.


Feeling guilty for how things have transpired, Pete dissolves the crew and seeks Garth's forgiveness.  


The resulting road to his success ultimately comes from Garth being himself. No 'plays', no standing outside Ali's apartment at midnight with a boom-box over his head playing love-song mix tapes, just Garth being Garth. 



Available for development

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