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The Power of Art – Part two

In the week that we found out the arts sector would be thrown a lifeline of £1.5 billion, I would like to share another personal experience of the power of art. Through this instalment, I will be reflecting on the work I was part of at the beginning of the year, working alongside residents living in nursing homes. I will endeavour to inspire, inform and hopefully encourage those reading that there is a need for us artists, in this ever-changing world. As I mentioned in The power of art – Part one I was lucky to be a part of a theatre company at the beginning of the year. As a company, we specialised in working with different groups throughout Liverpool. These included offenders in prison, residents living in nursing homes and both primary and secondary school students. With Part one focusing on working with offenders in prison, Part two will be looking at what we did, how we helped and who we met when working in nursing homes.

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