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Podcasts as an Educational Tool – An Interview with the Creators of “Good Night and Good Luck”

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Professor Quartarone is a teaching fellow at Bocconi University in Milan, where he is responsible for the course on Television and Culture in the Bachelor’s in Economics and Management for Art, Culture, and Communication (CLEACC in its Italian acronym). He also teaches similar courses in the masters. His passion for the US Elections is well-known among students, and so are the events he organizes to cover them. I first met Professor Quartarone in my second year of undergraduate, when I attended his course on Television and Culture. I was coming the year after the 2016 US Election, so I heard a lot about what he did then to cover the event. Students I talked to were, to say the least, enthusiastic about the live coverage of the debates and election night that he organized. Now, with a pandemic going on, he had to adapt to the situation. So, he decided to make a podcast rather than a live event. The show was aptly named Good Night and Good Luck, the sentence with which famous journalist Edward R. Murrow used to conclude his reportages about Senator Joseph McCarthy. The latter came to be known for his infamous hunts for communists, which resulted in atrocities such as forced confessions and one of the closest things to a police state ever experienced in the US.

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