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Grayson Perry vs American Politics – A review on his recent Victoria Miro exhibition

Grayson Perry keeps popping up in my life at the moment, and I feel it’s a sign that he wants to be written about. I have just finished his biography ‘Portraits of a Young Girl’ where I completely fell in love with his complex mind, felt warmed by his journey of cross-dressing, inspired by his alter-ego Claire and ached for the hardship he endured throughout his childhood. Before reading his biography and before Lockdown 2.0, I attended Grayson Perry’s ‘Grayson Perry: The MOST Specialest Relationship’ at The Victoria Miro. I’ve always found the Victoria Miro has mystical elements — I think it’s got something to do with the high white walls and secret garden at the back that is other-worldly and full of possibilities. Perry’s thought-provoking work in this magical environment complimented each other incredibly.

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