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From Throwing the Cap to Facing Adult Life

Recently I started a podcast with one of my closest friends. We reflected on our graduation day and raised a glass to the class of 2020. Entering the working world, as a drama graduate, that doesn’t have a lot of time for the arts is a daunting task, a task I have been on for well over a year now. My course was amazing, I loved university and in all honesty, I didn’t really want it to end. Fourteen years of my life were spent in education with a plan to follow every day and all of a sudden within a day those plans and routines were all gone. The first thing that I found difficult in adult life was regaining that sense of routine, I struggled for months through two different jobs trying to find a routine that made sure my life didn’t revolve around work. As a drama graduate, I had to succumb to what I call “shit jobs,” now anyone reading this that I have worked with or for please don’t take that to heart. I had some amazing memories at these jobs and made some great friends, but they were jobs to fill the time. They were a means to an end; a way of making money to get me to where I wanted to be. Any fellow drama students or graduates reading this, it does feel like a setback but it’s not. You have not failed because you have to take a job that will pay the bills and feed you, you are purely working with basic human instinct.

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