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Match Made In Heaven

Written By:

Ryan Coonan & David Muscat


Witty Romantic Comedy


After entering the afterlife John faces the tantalising prospect of an eternity of changing landscapes, experiences and relationships. When he unexpectedly falls in love, everything changes.


The Good Place

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Core Characters:



Mid 30's, John lived his life to the extreme. He played hard, partied hard and it caught up with him. A stream of short term relationships, he lead a somewhat hollow life that never really amounted to anything of great substance. 

John's 'soul mate'. A female version of John. Larger than life and eager to enjoy everything the afterlife has to offer. Glutenous, she reveals in substance, alcohol and food indulgence. Typically, she's focused solely on what's in her best interest, however she comes around to helping John with his search.

The afterlife's version of SIRI. An omnificent figure, his role is to welcome new arrivals and explain how eternity works. Able to be called upon at will, he is the primary go-to for any soul's problems or questions. 

John's love interest. She is a literal angel. Beautiful, wholesome, funny, but whilst all the angels have these qualities she has something different. She gets John, she sees the good in him and they connect. 

Ryan Connan
David Muscat

Plot Overview:

The world as you know it has changed. These are the first words John hears as his eyes open and he finds a smartly dressed stranger standing in front of him, Trey.


John has died and is being inducted into how the afterlife works. In a nutshell, as the afterlife is eternal, soul's like John can enjoy an infinite number of experiences, people, places and things to do each day. Each morning he'll wake in a new place, with a new partner, a new itinerary for the day and the only consistent will be his soul mate.

Now a soul mate is not what we understand it to be. Rather than it being 'the one', a soul mate is actually a best friend, a mate, who fits your personality better than anyone imaginable and in John's case, that's Abbey. 

A relative newbie to the afterlife, Abbey has had a few days head start. Trey passes over the tour to Abbey for her to help John settle in and takes pleasure in showing John through all the cool things that are now possible. You want BBQ spare ribs? Bam! spare ribs! You want a sixer of Stella? Bam! 6 beers you wouldn't really actually want drink. Essentially anything is possible.

The two form an immediate friendship. They spend the first few weeks routinely coming together at the end of each day and filling the other in on all the wonderful things they've been up too. Imagine it, you open your eyes, laying next to your each morning is a beautiful woman (or man) and each day there's something better to do; Salmon fishing in Rockies, Parasailing in the Alps, Monster trucking across a bunch of Fiat Puntos. No one likes Puntos. 

John and Abbey can't believe their luck. Unbelievable things to do, beautiful strangers to do anything you want with, no strings attached and a bestie to shoot the breeze with, split a pizza and a few cold brewskies. How could life, well the afterlife, be any more perfect.

Enter Shiela. She's an angel, much like the other angel's that John has woken up to each morning. However she's different.


The pair of them have the most perfect day together and John finds himself falling head over heels. So much so that he turns down the opportunity of beers with Abbey, just so he could spend as much time as possible with Shiela. In an intimate moment before the day ends, Shiela confesses that she's never met anyone like John. When he questions her about whether they would see each other again the response is; eternity is a long time and hopefully. 

John's eyes open and he wakes to a lovely lady, who's name is Brianna, however that's never discovered as John doesn't care much to even ask her name. But you, us and I will always know her name was Brianna. John immediately rushes to Abbey's house who is currently in the middle of some morning delight with her new angel, Tyronne. 

John tries to get Abbey to to help him and comes up with a plan to get Shiela back. She reluctantly agrees and the pair summon Trey. 

The thing about the afterlife is it's not like 'normal' life. The structure of a revolving door lifestyle was the result of many centuries of design. Even if Trey wanted to help, his hands were tied. He was only in charge of introductions to the new dead. It seems like a lost cause. Both John and Abbey return, have a few beers and she tries to console him.

Over the next few days, John is faced with a series of unbelievable days with remarkably beautiful women. But John doesn't take pleasure, he's distant. He finds himself recalling that one perfect day. Seeing Shiela's face everywhere it gets to a point where Abbey can't stand seeing her soul mate down in the dumps and again the pair call on Trey for advice.

After an arduous discussion the pair are informed that there is one way. Shiela could replace Abbey as John's soul mate, but there's a number of decision makers that would need to grant this. 

Will Abbey help out her best mate?


Can they make a case for John to spend eternity with a woman he spent one day with? 



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