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Like and Subscribe


Growing Cult Documentary


Our host reveals the growing online community streaming and vlogging to the masses. 
The major players, those starting out, what is possible and what are the downfalls?



Lisa Hartle

Written By:


David Muscat

Writer / Actor

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Concept Overview

As of 2020, there were more than 37 million YouTube channels.

The number of channels is growing strong: last year it grew more than 23%. People all around the world are creating a YouTube channel, and uploading 500 hours of video every minute. And this isn't taking into account other platforms such as Twitch.

'Like and Subscribe' aims to expose the growing underground, which is fast becoming mainstream, industry and tell the story of five streamers per episode in a series of six.

Episode Overview

Episode One : Gaming
We explore the world of those who have built an online community interested in gaming.
From Football Manager vloggers, game reviewers to live Fortnite streamers. 

Episode Two: Beauty & Fashion
An insight into those making a living off sharing their fashion purchases, beauty tips and make-up hacks. The sponsorships, the endorsements and the trolls.

Episode Three: Sports
Pundits are fast becoming superseded by 'arm-chair' experts. We discover the channels that have built up communities of millions who value their opinions, their fan insights and discussions over mainstream media sources.

Episode Four: Pranksters
What starts as fun sometimes ends in tears. We look at those that have made a career shaving housemate's eye-brows to those who got arrested for disturbing the peace in Birmingham central because of inciting a mob.

Episode Five: Vloggers
Feelings, emotions and everyday chores. Why some have created a community of millions just be sharing and filming these aspects of their lives.

Episode Six: Podcasters
Millions are tuning into podcasters around the world who are now broadening their audio stories & discussions to include the visual aspects. We explore the research, the delivery and what it takes to get those likes.


Proof of Concept:

There is no denying the growth of interest worldwide for pepople wanting to become a YouTuber. 
This is evident in the 23% spike in channel creations within the past year. This series would not only provide an interesting snapshot into this generational
phenomenon, but would also provide insight to those considering becoming an online influencer.

With each episode featuring 5 channel owners, the goal is to feature three channels with 1 million+ subscribers, one medium level channel (500k) and one newbie. Therefore each episode would have the immediate advantage of being cross-promoted to a community 3.5 million+ people. Over six episodes translate to an instant organic introduction to 21 Million+ people purely off the back of the channel owners promoting their upcoming episode. The question is, what subject matter provides a reach into this size of audience before a penny is spent on its own marketing?



Pre-production, securing of channel owner interview and organisation: Two weeks
Filming, thirty interviews, cut-aways, intros and aesthetics: Five weeks
Voice-Over and ADR: One week
Post Production: Overlapping production filming: One week additional

Series would be completed and ready to deliver within 10 weeks.


Available for development

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