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Life On Mars


Sci-Fi Family Sitcom


A traditional British comedy, set in a non-traditional place.


'Only Fools & Horses' meets 'Lost In Space'

Written By:


David Muscat

Writer / Actor

Core Characters:


John Hobson
Late 40's, British father who's spent most of his life grafting.
Always a man of humble beginnings he fell in love with his now wife Leanne who is in a lot of ways the complete opposite of him.
He is a salt of the Earth kind of guy with few tangible skills under his belt other than the gift of the gab.

Leanne Hobson
Late 40's, a scholar who sometimes struggles to balance her demanding work-life with her home life. She's well intentioned,
However can at times be quite straight forward.
Not always able to access her emotions, but she does love her family
to death.

Lisa Hobson
Late 20's, Cambridge graduate and in a lot of ways she follows in her Mum's steps. Doesn't always get the emotional 'feel-goods' from her Mum, that comes more so from her Dad. They share a close bond and when she's with him she feels like she can just be silly and herself. 

Jared Gregson

Head of maintenance at the colony, befriends John and helps him try to find his feet in a place he feels quite useless in. Not as down to Earth as John but his desire to help leaves him continually at John's beck and call. 



The Hobson's are informed they will be the first British family to go to Mars and join a long established colony. 

Genetics Engineering Leanne, daughter Lisa recent Cambridge graduate in Robotics and husband John... a purveyor of fine, knock-off aftershaves at the local Sunday market. 

Though obviously not at ease with the sea-change of uprooting their family life to an entirely different planet, husband John agrees with the relocation and takes one for the team. Whilst their arrival provides an abundance of interesting work for wife, Leanne and the opportunity for daughter Lisa to continue her desired field in Robotics, John struggles to identify what it is exactly that he can offer the colony of 
scientists and engineers. 

He employs the services of Jared to try his arm at a number of different jobs, without success.
The only thing that seems to bring his life meaning is his ability to keep daughter Lisa happy and shoulder some of the emotional burden that busy Leanne seems to struggle with. 

John reaches the point of trying to make the most of it and not let being on another planet stop him. He creates the first pub on Mars and through his entrepreneurial skills he utilises his Sunday market skills to become the purveyor of desired goods.



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