The Fosse Forest Ballet

Written By:

David Muscat


Theatrical Mockumentary


A behind-the-scenes look at the latest West End musical to hit the theatres. From auditions to opening night. This is a show, about a show, that does not exist.

Concept Overview

Ever wondered what it takes to put on a major West End musical?

What about the actors who make the sacrifice, suffering 
rejection after rejection as they pursue their dream?

'The Fosse Forest Ballet' is a fly-on-the-wall, narrative driven series that tells the story of three hopeful actors as they audition for the latest hit show.

With comical, 'larger than life' characters ranging from the commission focused Agent, the frantically under prepared Choreographer, the wishy-washy Director, the flashy new-comer Producer and more.

Series one, tells the story from the first round of auditions to putting together the final pieces of the casting puzzle. Whilst we follow the three hopefuls we also see the creative team trying to bag themselves a West End legend. Will the hopefuls get reach their dreams? 

Series two, tells the story from first day of rehearsals until opening night. With last minute cast changes, creative team squabbles and broken promises, the question is, will the curtain actually rise?



Proof of Concept:

This concept was inspired by the success of Philip Joel’s social media sketch videos during Lockdown.


A relative unknown at the time, with only a handful of followers, his social media videos alone have received over a million views. The level of engagement from it's audience has been a driving indication of a success with this concept.


We launched the concept episode online towards the end of 2020.

Site: www.thefosseforestballet.com

The response has been phenomenal and has provided us with an insight into the potential audience. With a 'zero budget' we have managed to raise thousands and the episode has been extremely well received.

Outside of our concept episode, in recent times we have seen similar projects receive fantastic audiences

 - STAGED (BBC) - 1.4 Million Viewers

 - THE PROM (Netflix) - The second-most watched film over its first weekend on the platform.

 - MUSICALS: THE GREATEST SHOW (BBC) - 4.1 Million Viewers

Reviewed by several independent reviewers, including Arts institutions, bloggers and renowned Theatre reviewers, the concept episode has received no-fewer that 4 stars.

Review Snapshot:

 ‘Joel shows off a natural flair for comedy’: THE FOSSE FOREST BALLET (Online review) ★★★★


'Clever satire and witty one-liners ... with more magic created when West End stars pop up among the cast’ ★★★★


'Writer David Muscat has brought the same fast-paced comedic tone to the forty-minute piece, which we can definitely hope gets picked up somewhere for a series! ****’ 4 1/2 stars'

‘The Forest Fosse Ballet’ shows great potential to be developed further into a full series, with a great sense of comedy and many funny relatable characters. ★★★★


The writing is witty y’all and the actors crushed the comedic timing. ★★★★

Episode Overview

Series One

S1. E1 - The Self-Tape Round
An introduction to the show, the characters and the hopefuls about to embark on auditioning for this new show. Their first task is to self tape. Meanwhile the Casting Director is under pressure to land a West End name.

S1. E2 - The Second First Preliminary Open Dance Call