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Dark Pool


Stock Market Criminal Drama


Two siblings start a brokerage firm with the best intentions. One is lead astray and to cover up loses, hides trades in the dark pool. To cover his tracks he must hide the books...and the bodies. 


'Mad Men' meets 'Breaking Bad'

Written By:

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David Muscat

Writer / Actor

Core Characters:

Jack Grierson
Brother of Stella, Jack is the golden boy of the Grierson family. A pillar of society, he's charitable, charming and always aims to take the right path. He is devoted to his wife and children. A wholesome character of a man.

Stella Grierson
Sister of Jack, not the total opposite of his characteristics on the surface however underneath her addictive nature leads her down some dark paths. 

Lisa Hobson

Tiny Peters

Plot Overview:

Series One:


Available for development

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