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Created By:

David Muscat


'Creation' Reality


A place where Artistic design meets Electronic flair. 
The result, unique one-off pieces put up for auction to raise funds for charity.


'Pimp My Ride' meets 'Custom Designs'


Concept Overview



This show explores the concept of a growing desire for people to change the landscape of their everyday appliances in a more bespoke fashion.

A personal computer does not have to be a grey box. 
A television does not have to be a massive black rectangle.

'Bespoke' brings together two teams of experts, each with the same set-up. A conceptual artist, an engineer and an electronics specialist. 

Each episode they will be both be given a brief and some refuge materials to create their pieces. The episode will follow their process, from design to creation. On completion their bespoke pieces will be unveiled and each team will be able to present the work that they've completed.

The bespoke pieces will then be listed on-line for the general public to bid on and in the following episode the results will be revealed on which team raised the most amount of money for charity.

If you imagine shows such as 'Pimp My Ride' the format has some similarities. It's 'pimping' out everyday appliances with artistic flair creating a unique one-off piece. 


David Muscat

Proof of Concept:



BeFunky-design (26).png
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