Our Art Department scours the country in search of interesting and exciting artists across multiple platforms.

We are developing a variety of projects right now, which we hope will provide a not only a single source for an audience to discover new works, but also a community hub for artists.

If you're an artist and would like to get involved get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


Currently in development. Stay tuned.

Previous Events:


In September we curated a night for The Playground Theatre called E-Merge Meets Rebelfest. Every piece of work that was showcased related to the theme of “rebel”. We had over 65 artists involved on the day, merging Theatre, Music, Spoken word, and art (amongst which live Graffiti Art). 


In June we decided to set up an eco-friendly arts festival that celebrated all artforms called “Emerge Festival” at The Aeronaut in London.  

“Emerge is an arts festival that celebrates all the art forms our city has to offer whilst caring about the planet” 

Emerge Festival was a night filled to the brim with some of the most forward-thinking artists in London. An eco-friendly arts festival that cared about promoting sustainability whilst providing a platform for emerging artists.

The night involved serving only eco-friendly cocktails and vegan food accompanied by some very exciting new plays, original songs and original art pieces that related to the theme “Impulse” 


Scratch a fortnight’s primary aim was to create new pieces of work in a limited timeframe. We gave artists from all disciplines a theme, they had to make work relating to this theme in just two weeks which resulted in lots of exciting original pieces that have been expanded and developed since. 

In 2 weeks we acquired 26 emerging artists, comprising of 3 Art Exhibitors, 1 Tattoo Artist, Photographer, 2 Musicians, 3 Playwrights & 15 Actors.


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